Conference in Cracow

The Pedagogical University of Cracow held a conference for Polish instructors teaching entrepreneurial knowledge who received a comprehensive picture about the RLG programme as well. The seventh partner meeting of RLG programme was held in conjunction with the Cracow conference between 10 and 11 October 2016. The conference managers provided us with an independent section of the conference on the second day to inform the participants about the results of the development work which has been going on for three years. Ms Nóra Katona gave a lecture about the objectives of the programme and the circumstances of its creation as a representative of Edunet Foundation. She focused on the assessment strategy of the RLG programme and demonstrated a few methods of development intervention founded on experiences. Mr Sławomir Kurek and Ms Nicole Berger representing the Polish hosts and the German partners respectively talked about their diverse practical experiences provided by the young people who tested the programme. Ms Cath McGlynn shared the Scottish experiences with the audience in her closing presentation and gave an insight into the training programme of trainers.


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