The second Scottish testing group

Following the success of the first testing period the partner school of the programme asked to deliver another set of activities for a slightly different group within the RLG project. The group was put together at the start of the first school term and consisted of an equal mix of boys and girls. Each student is in their fourth year of secondary education and several of them plan to finish his/her studies at the end of this academic year. This means that some do not wish to continue their studies at senior school level. Parallel with this test course they will have opportunities to gain various work experiences in the local area, arranged by the advisers of Business Gateway. Those participating in this training and work experience will receive a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) certificate.

The participants of the second test group were selected by guidance teachers who were informed about the results of first testing period and could make proper decisions on which students would be able to utilize this opportunity. The participants of the new group – as opposed with those of the former one – do not have serious behavioural problems, their learning capabilities however highly differ and as a consequence they need different and appropriate support. We can find highly talented students among them and learners needing much more support.

The Assessment Day of the group was performed in January 2015 – now at a different place in the school building. In order to observe the capabilities as precisely as possible, we asked a few school leaving students (aged 18), who were prepared by the Train the Trainers programme, to assist with the tasks and observations. The Assessment Day was a success, the participants enjoyed most of the exercises.

The training aimed at developing skills and capabilities started in January and will come to an end in March in accordance with the schedule – at the same external place which hosted the first course. The activities will take place in the Alloa Business Centre building on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons conforming to the school-timetable. Transport was arranged for the students to the Centre and back to school.


02 February 2016

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